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First skate of the season, still a little slushy out there…

So today I learnt that if you don’t pop enough onto the C box in Whis park the nose of your board will catch and send you flying head first into it and make your face bleed.

It’s that time of year again!

WSSF has been amazing so far! All the free Coca Cola, Monster, fishsticks and random crap you can get your hands on. Saw The Big Air last night followed by Glitch Mob (huge fan now) and a crazy night at Maxx Fish. Caught a little bit of Sneaky Sound System after work today, and I can’t wait to see Shapeshifters on Friday. It’s gonna be a good time.

Went to Bounce for the first time!

Nailed the front flips, too scared to try a back flip in case I break my back again…. but also nailed some sweet 360’s and new grabs with the foam board! So stoked!

Bailing on snowboarding to go longboarding instead… tough life.

Moving house today!

This is awesome! Torstein snowboarding where I work up on Rainbow mountain, The Slash to be exact, I’ve ridden that powder and those cat tracks before!

the slash

the slash

I'm coming to Whistler for Christmas! What about the weather and slope conditions in that period? Haha Can't waittttt to shred in canadaaa

A question by georgiaoceania

For xmas!? That is so far away! But also an awesome time of year to shred in Whis, depends on the season but it should be epic :) 

Had the best day in the park, hitting new boxes, board slides, tail presses,  all the grabs, the only thing I’m struggling with is the C box. The Bataleon was super rad in the park once I got the hang of it, 50/50 tail presses are a bit sketchy with that TBT though.