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Russet Lake Day One

No one, and nothing could of prepared me for what I was about to experience on this hike. With out a doubt this was the most vitalizing, astonishing, and breath taking experience of my entire life. I’ve never felt so much joy merely by my surroundings alone, every second of this hike had me staring off in complete awe. These photos, like any photo don’t justify what I experienced with my eyes.

This two day hike began at the top of the Whistler Peak Chair, Josie and I had decided on taking the scenic High Note Trail route which added an additional 2km to the 14km hike we we’re about to begin. Keep in mind this was both Josie and I’s first official overnight backpacking trip, it was a little intense for a beginner trip. However this prepared us for any other trip we’d be taking on during the rest of the summer. The High Note Trail follows the backside of Whistler mountain, putting itself between any sign of civilization, and left with incredible views mountains, wild flowers and later on the Cheakamus Lake. The trail itself was relatively flat and easy going keeping our spirits high, that’s when we merged onto the Musical Bumps Trail which consisted of  non stop ascents and descents over the tops of five mountains. Including Flute bowl where we had done our first split boarding trip in the winter. What made this hike so spectacular was the variate of landscape we we’re journeying through in a single hike, it went from wild flowers with thousands of butterflies with streams running down the mountainside, to climbing up and under giant bolder fields, to open barren like fields with nothing more than golden grass, with broken up rocks and dirt covering our surroundings, to these massive mountainsides covered never ending fields of grass and patches of trees, all while been complimented by the epic surroundings of mountains and glaciers.

Beginning our trip in the middle of the afternoon was both the best and worst decision we had made, the views we experienced while the sun was setting was almost surreal, something you’d see in a modern CGI movie. This however meant we still had not reached our destination, not the ideal situation when you’re in the wilderness that bears roamed freely. We picked up our pace and just as we we’re making our final ascent before arriving at Russet Lake, in the distance we could hear what sounded like a massive thunder storm, which was confusing since we had clear skies as far as the eye could see. That’s when we realized we were hearing the sounds of a glacier collapsing , adding that much more awesomeness to the already incredible day we we’re having. Finally we had completed the ascent and made it to Russet Lake right as the sun had set, we set up camp with the little light that was left and headed into the cabin to cook super. When we stepped back outside, in all my years of camping I’ve never seen a night sky like this. You could see the stars by the millions, the milky way clear as day spread across the night sky. We stayed up until two in morning just running around like children high on sugar because we couldn’t believe what we we’re seeing. The fact that this view lays above us every night, yet we’re deprived of it due to light pollution is just depressing. Was finally time to get some much needed rest, to explore as much as possible the next day before making our way back.

My boyfriend made a blog.

Leave Whistler in 7 days.

Still haven’t figured out how to fit two years worth of my life into a tiny suitcase and a snowboard bag already full of 3 snowboards.

Still haven’t figured out how to ship my stuff back to the UK, and I refuse to accept that it costs that much money.

Sill haven’t spent any time with my Whistler best friends, who knows when I will see them again? There is always too much to do.

I hate this part of traveling.


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I’ve finally got Lightroom! Be prepared for a thousand photo uploads from the past 6 years of travelling… (until I leave Canada)

Tbt. Missing winter.
Mountains for days
Russet Lake and Fissile Peak
Overlord Glacier
Fissile Peak
Best view I’ve ever seen from a toilet.
Milky Way over Russet Lake
"The stars shine brightest only in your eyes"

Camping at Russet Lake